Farmhouse Spino Fiorito

Farmhouse Spino Fiorito si trova in provincia di Massa a Casola in Lunigiana, in Toscana

Sunday 5 July 2020

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Farmhouse a Massa in Casola in Lunigiana

Spino Fiorito

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Farmhouse Spino Fiorito

Via per Vedriano, 10, Casola in Lunigiana (Massa)
Phone +39 0585 949167 Fax. +39 0585 949167

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Set in the Tuscan countryside atmosphere, in one of the most beautiful areas of Lunigiana, stands the "Spino Fiorito, farm great charm, has been recently renovated with great attention to detail and use of materials typical of the Tuscan tradition.

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The main feature of the restaurant is a warm, comfortable, where they consume specialties like those of once simple, genuine: soups and vegetable soups and vegetables of their production, fresh pasta, pappardelle with hare, ravioli with sauce duck and many grilled meat and vegetables from their garden.
From the pool adjacent to the house you can enjoy a superb view of the Apuane Alps.

Hospitality is offered through four rooms, each with bath, different view and size.
The valuable additions that adorn the rooms and public areas reveal all the attention to detail with which the owners want to ensure guests an unforgettable stay.
Without forgetting that heat convivial and serene joy that has always marked the Tuscan peasant cultivation.