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Friday 10 July 2020

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Farmhouse a Campiglia Marittima

Farmhouse Allumiere - Affiliato da 17 anni
Via di Citerna 27, Campiglia Marittima

Farmhouse Allumiere

Le Allumiere is a typical farmhouse of the Tuscan maremma. It is located near the old via Aurelia and is sorrounded by a wide garden including a swimming pool. The accomodation consist in

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Farmhouse Villa Boldrini - Affiliato da 17 anni
Via Suveretana, Campiglia Marittima

Farmhouse Villa Boldrini

The "villa"
The house dates back to before '900. When rebuilt, the old colonial house was enlarged. It is the centre of a farm of about 40 hectares where among other things, an excellent oli

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Farmhouse VILLA I TIGLI - Affiliato da 16 anni
Loc. Montioncello, 5, Campiglia Marittima


The Holiday House Villa i Tigli and the Affittacamere La Villa are located in the heart of the Val di Cornia in Venturina 9 km from the sea in the Municipality of Campiglia Marittima one of the mo

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